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6 MS Windows hacks that will make your life easy

Windows hacks

Windows hacks are in a class of their own. They save time and make a complicated task easy. Windows 10 has become commonplace and comes with several hidden secrets that can make things easy. Here are 6 Windows hacks that will help you make the most out of your system:

Copy and Paste using cloud clipboard

Cloud clipboard

Have you ever copied a text or image but lost it because you did not save it? Worry not, Windows 10’s Cloud Clipboard feature lets you see your clipboard history. Use this and pin items you need. 

Press Windows+V and scroll through your clipboard history. If you’re unable to see a pop-up window, enable ”Clipboard History” by going to Start > Settings > System > Clipboard > Clipboard history.

The OG Start menu!

OG menu

Do you miss the traditional windows start menu? The one without any extra add-ons? Worry not. The old start menu is not lost, just hidden. Right-click the Windows icon on your screen to find a no distraction start menu.

Screen recording

Windows screen recording hack

I’m sure you sometimes miss some points or graphs from a presentation but can’t ask the presenter to go back. Next time, start screen recording. 

It was designed for PC games to record gameplay and audio but, this hack is a lifesaver for everyone. Here are the shortcuts:

  1. To open the game bar menu and manually choose options use Windows key + G
  2. Start or stop recording with Windows key + Alt + R
  3. Screenshots are easy with Windows key + Alt + PrtScn
  4. To record, the previous 30 seconds use, Windows key + Alt + G

Check messages on your phone without opening your phone

Phone and computer sync

Have you picked up your phone to check messages but only realized that you wasted 3 hours scrolling through TikTok or Instagram feed? Oh boy! We’ve all been there. 

Download the Windows Your phone app on your phone and computer and avoid it. It lets you access your messages at any time. The app is available for both iOS and Android users. 

Switch on Dark Mode and Night Light

Windows 10 dark mode

This one is for those who work late nights or early mornings. Moreover, bright monitor light induces eye strain and headaches. Night light, a blue light filter makes your display warmer as the day ends.

Switch on “dark mode” by going to Settings > Personalisation > Color > Set Dark as Windows default. Set up “Night light” by going to Settings > System > Display > turn on night light.

Last Windows hack: Stream your laptop to your TV!

Stream your laptop to your TV

Want a hack to use when you’re eyes are stressed? Try it when you’re tired of staring at a lot of data or information and wish you didn’t have to zoom in every time. Stream your laptop screen to your TV using Connect or Project options on the settings bar. Connect your Windows system to your TV via Bluetooth and enjoy the bigger screen.

There are plenty of tips and tricks to make the best of Windows 10. Screen recording, clipboard history, screenshotting, blue light filters, etc. are little things that can make your work much easier.