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Here is how you can experience outer space without going to space

Space has been an exciting concept for humans ever since the space race of the 50s and 60s. Outer space is exciting, mysterious, and adventurous. Mankind has made a leap in space exploration with commercial spaceflights and space tourism. However, most of us can’t afford the huge price tag.

In 2019, NASA said that it will allow people to fly to the International Space Station. However, the cost to stay there is $35,000 a night and, the cost to reach there is $50 million. Even a seat on the Virgin Galactic is a whopping $250,000. Worry not, there are ways to experience the joys of space without spending millions and while staying on planet Earth.

Astronaut training

To explore space, you need training. Space Adventures allows people to experience the same training that professional astronauts go through. Based in Star City, close to Moscow, Russia, it’s your one-stop to learn how to fly the Soyuz spacecraft or learn how to spacewalk. This is a complete package of experiences that astronauts go through for the Russian space program.  

Take a trip to Mars (P.S. It’s in Spain)

If you’ve ever wondered how life on Mars is, this is the perfect place. Astroland in space is a challenging but, worthwhile mission. Similar to NASA’s HI-SEAS program, Astroland holds the Ares Station, a realistic habitat of a possible human settlement on the red planet. Moreover, it also offers space training and work-life-research experience on Mars. A month-long training and a three-day, three-night stay at the Ares Station can cost you about $7,000.

A Zero-G flight can help you experience the outer space

Every kid (and adult) dreams of floating in space. The experience can change on different planets and the other space itself but, some companies can help you experience it. Zero-G flights are offered by Zero-G and AirZeroG, two companies in the US and Europe.

Through the flight, you can experience different gravities. Apart from zero gravity, you can also experience gravity on Mars and the moon.

It’s time for Space Camp!

Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama is the perfect place to experience the joys of outer space while staying firmly on earth. It was made famous by the 1980s hit film “Space Camp”. The camp offers programs for both adults and kids. A weekend stay at the camp will give you hands-on experience in NASA‘s past missions, orbital mechanics, and planetary science. You can also get a spacewalk experience, work on the ISS models and take a stimulation piloting the Orion capsule.