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Creative ways to use Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags are a game-changer that can fix everyday mundane problems from finding your keys to your wallet. With them, you’d never lose or misplace any of your items. They work well and have good battery life. Here are four AirTag hacks that can simplify your life:

1st AirTag hack you need to know about. Never lose sight of your parking spot.

This AirTag hack is for you if you constantly forget where you parked your car, scooter, bike, or even skateboard. Apple’s AirTags are water-resistant and have an IP67 rating, saving them from rain and water splashes. Conceal them on your mode of transport and never lose track of them.
Sure, AirTags are not an anti-theft device but, that doesn’t mean you can use them as one.

Get in and out of your house in a jiffy!

If you’re someone who’s in a hurry or someone who needs to go back in the house to pick up keys, wallet, or glasses, AirTags will be your savior. If you’re sick of making multiple trips to pick up things you forgot, just skip it by using an AirTag. Attach an AirTag into your keychain or pop one in your wallet. This way, your can use your iPhone to track your essentials and make it out quickly.
What’s more? It works two ways. You no longer need to fish your keys out of your bag or from the depths of your car. Just tap the button on your phone and, the AirTag will alert you with a vibration.

Have medication, first aid, or important documents handy.

One of the most helpful features of Apple AirTag is its ability to locate trackers in your phone’s vicinity. This AirTag hack, can alert the user with vibrations and onscreen tracking. It comes in handy to quickly access medicines, life-saving drugs, or first aid during an emergency. This hack is a must-try for people with a critical illness, asthma, and those in their old age. After all, in an emergency, you should always be able to grab life-saving things without wasting a single moment.
You can also keep them with your relevant documents to make sure they’re safe and sound. They are easy to hide and can fit in any nook or cranny.

Last of the AirTag hacks, that’s a personal favorite: Find your pets (and kids)!

Adding an AirTag to your pet’s collar or bag is a nifty and temporary way to track your pet or kids on your day out in the park or amusement park. Remember that AirTags must not be used to tracking people and is ineffective for long-range. But, this hack can make sure you don’t lose them on a day out!

Not only these but, you can use AirTags to track virtually any item you don’t want to misplace. They are affordable and come at a price tag of $29 each or, $99 for a pack of four. Don’t forget that one Apple ID can have 16 AirTags linked to it, at least as of its release.