Australian surveillance bill: Aussie police can now hack citizens’ phones

Australian surveillance bill

Australian surveillance bill

Australian surveillance Bill: Aussie police can now hack citizens' devices

The Australian government, with Labor’s support, is giving the police unprecedented powers to spy on the online activity of criminals. Police in Australia can now hack citizens’ devices and interrupt their data. Read to know all about the Australian surveillance Bill.

Australian surveillance bill: The details

The Australian Federal Police and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commissions can now access networks and computers of suspected individuals. Additionally, they can also take over online accounts covertly. “Under our changes, the AFP will have more tools to pursue organized crime gangs to keep drugs off our street and out of our community, and those who commit the most heinous crimes against children,” said Karen Andrews the Home Affairs Minister.

Moreover, in August, the parliamentary joint committee chaired by James Paterson, a Liberal senator issued a set of proposals. These proposals aid in increasing protections and oversights. The home affairs minister also offered modifications to adopt some of the protections recommended. This includes a clause that makes new powers invalid after five years. “The cyber-capabilities of criminal networks have expanded, and we know that they are using the dark web and anonymizing technology to facilitate serious crime, which is creating significant challenges for law enforcement,” said Andrew Giles, the Labor MP in the lower house.

What power does the Australian police have?

The authorities can now disrupt the data flow of suspected individuals and offenders. They can also access their networks and devices. Additionally, they can identify and take over suspected accounts.

The Australian police can ‘disrupt’ suspected data by copying, modifying, removing, or adding to the data with the ‘data disruption warrant’. It also permits authorities to collect information from networks and devices of those who are the subject of this order. An account takeover warrant permits the authorities to take control of internet accounts across various social media.

According to official reports, a “public interest criteria for data disruption orders, network activity warrants, and account takeover warrants if an investigation of an unauthorized disclosure violation is in connection to a person operating in a professional capacity as a journalist,” will be included.

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