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Not a single case of COVID-19 detected, North Korea tells WHO

Military-led North Korea reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) that the country has had Zero COVID-19 cases since June 10.

North Korea reports zero COVID-19 cases

The country announced that Zero COVID-19 cases were found after testing over 30,000 people in the country. However, WHO reported on Tuesday that North Korea’s testing group included 733 individuals between June 5 to 10. Out of them, 149 people were found to have influenza-like symptoms or severe respiratory infections.

Additionally, experts doubt North Korea’s claims of having zero cases. This is because the country shares a border with China and the border is highly porous. China is not only North Korea’s major ally but a major economic supporter as well. Moreover, the country’s health infrastructure is abysmal.

In addition to describing efforts against the coronavirus as a matter of national existence, the military country has banned all tourists from the country. They have also flown out diplomats and other officials to their home country. North Korea is under a self-imposed lockdown and it has closed its borders further. This is also why there is a new strain in the economy. Moreover, pushed by decades of mismanagement, sanctions over nuclear weapons program is out of maintenance. Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea asked people to brace for strict lockdown measures. He stressed that North Korea is not ready to open its borders anytime in the near future.