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Marvel superheroes you may not know had gay storylines

Marvel Superheroes with Gay Storylines

A guarantee to bring variety (and some queer superheroes) to Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, numerous LGBTQ fans are anticipating the MCU’s first gay on-screen hero. And keeping in mind that the movies have included traces of both Valkyrie’s and Deadpool’s bi-/pansexuality, we’ve yet to see a gay Marvel character genuinely embrace their sexuality on-screen. Bits of rumors are currently flowing about a gay lead character in the impending Eternals film. However, let’s see these Marvel superheroes who have had gay storylines in the comics. Few of these may even stun you.

Marvel superheroes with gay storylines


Iceman has got to be our number one queer superhero. Iceman’s sexuality can be evidently sneaky since the mid-’90s. Yet it wasn’t until 2015, with the help of Jean Gray’s mental prowess, that it got official: Bobby Drake is a gay man. From that point forward, Iceman got an independent arrangement, composed by Sina Grace, in which he battled trouble makers and battled with entering the gay dating scene.


Marvel Superheroes with Gay Storylines

For quite a long time Pyro was a famous supervillain to the X-Men. Be that as it may, in 2018 Pyro’s sexuality came out after he hooked up with Iceman. In X-Men Gold Issue #32, we see the two towel-clad super-studs talking about how much fun they had the earlier night.


When Alpha Flight turned into its own arrangement in 1983, its maker John Burn planned for Northstar to be gay. However, editor-in-chief Jim Shooter precluded queer superheroes openly. It wasn’t until 1992 that Northstar had the courage to absolute the words “I’m gay”. It made him the absolute first gay Marvel character to come out in a comic book. In 2012 he impacted the world forever again when he got hitched.


Marvel Superheroes with Gay Storylines

Colossus is a core member of the X-Men for over 40 years. However, did you realize that as a component of the X-Men Ultimate storyline, Colossus was dating Northstar? In that equivalent storyline, he also briefly left the X-Men because of feelings for his partner Wolverine.


Initially part of Thor’s storyline, Hercules has since stretched out, collaborating with the Avengers, the Defenders, and The Eternals. In one alternate universe, Hercules was in a same-sex relationship, which made Zeus banish him. Some are estimating that Hercules could be the queer character vowed to us by Marvel executives in the impending Eternals film.


Marvel Superheroes with Gay Storylines

Indeed, you heard that right. Even Wolverine has had a gay Marvel storyline. It was the alternate universe of X-Treme X-Men Issue #10, composed by Greg Pak. In it, Wolverine and the Greek god Hercules were sweethearts. We even had the chance to see the two queer superheroes kiss after they destroyed a dragon together.