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Nicki Minaj claims her cousin’s friend became ‘impotent’ after taking COVID-19 shot

Nicki Minajs tweet

Nicki Minaj has stated that she would not be attending the Met Gala on Monday. It is because participants must be vaccinated against COVID-19, which she is not. Nicki Minaj’s tweet said that she likewise hadn’t done “enough research” to make a decision.

The evidence is clear that getting vaccinated is the best method to battle COVID-19. But Minaj’s post made her to publicly throw doubt on the US vaccine program. But Minaj didn’t stop there. She also told a story about a cousin’s friend. He had taken the COVID-19 vaccine and then had to put off his wedding because “his testicles became swollen.”

Minaj has also defended her remarks. Nicki Minaj’s tweet is still up on her timeline. Also, in response to the uproar, she told her followers, “I say what I want, when I want, how I want.”

The following are the tweets:

Needless to say, the internet reacted with a slew of memes and also internet sleuths attempting to decipher Minaj’s tweets. They are also shown here below.

Several others pointed out that, despite Minaj’s claim. That she would be likewise “researching” the vaccine, she was relying on third-party sources.

For the record, the CDC and other independent studies have also determined that the COVID-19 vaccinations are effective in avoiding infection. Also, in reducing the severity of breakthrough instances but also safe.

Other scientific investigations have likewise shown no evidence that vaccines cause difficulties with fertility or sexuality.

Also, many people on the internet were curious as to what was going on with Minaj’s cousin’s friend. Here take a look at the memes and also jokes.

Few, on the other hand, asked how this nameless person was coping; after he and his testicles were likewise thrust into a global debate regarding COVID-19 vaccines. Also, take a look for the same memes.