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Rick & Morty season 5 finale: What it means for the show’s future

Rick & Morty season 5 finale

Rick and Morty’s season 5 finale effectively restarted the series. Thereby, giving it a fresh start in the future with a new dynamic between its lead characters. This is ironic because “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall” and “Rickmurai Jack” spent the majority of time unraveling Rick and Morty’s past. Thus, presumably revealing the full details of Rick’s backstory and resolving the ongoing subplot regarding the self-described Evil Morty; who became President of the Citadel.

Season 5 of Rick and Morty was a pleasant surprise in many ways. It gave significantly more attention to consistency than prior seasons. Rick’s terrible past and what drives his activities as a dimension-hopping super-scientist make a significant plot in many of the show’s episodes. This was in direct contrast to how the show had previously attempted to muddy the waters regarding Rick’s objectives; mocking any suggestion that the show was building to an epic ending, or had any deeper purpose than random science-fiction pranks. “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall” and “Rickmurai Jack” followed suit. Thus, apparently eliminating the Citadel of Ricks, as well as the majority of Rick and Morty’s dimensional doppelgangers.

While the Rick and Morty season 5 finale will surely continue pleasing buffs and fan theorists; the true heart of the tale is in the journey, not the destination. Several details about the current subplots were out. But the true identity of Rick and Morty is seen in smaller, more subtle ways. This, combined with the reintroduction of Mister Poopybutthole in a teaser, points to a more contemplative Rick and Morty season 6.

The Rick & Morty Season 5 Finale reset the series

The Rick & Morty Season 5 Finale reset the series

The way the show’s basic idea looks to have been rebooted. It is maybe the most significant development in the Rick and Morty season 5 finale. Morty repeatedly asked if his relationship with Rick could “reset” to normal. But the ending hinted that this wouldn’t be the case. Their future dynamic would be different (and hopefully, less toxic). The collapse of the Citadel of Ricks strongly suggests that the multiverse will be altered.

Morty is more capable now (Though he’s still no rick)

Rick & Morty season 5 finale

Morty’s progress over the past five seasons is demonstrated in the opening sequence of “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall,”. In it, he journeyed across realities on a series of solo adventures, reversing the damage that Rick’s solo adventures had inflicted. Morty was no longer the jittery preteen of Rick and Morty season 1. He was confident and capable of shooting down gangs of living cookie people and freezing a living lava-man to save a village of furry aliens.

Morty also had his own spaceship built within his bike, though he admitted it was only for Rick’s convenience. Morty has preserved his morality and his frightening capacity to find himself into trouble as a result of his desire to help others, despite his improved abilities. This, together with Morty’s mistake in “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall,” where he accidentally produced a portal gun portal in his palm, shows that Morty isn’t in any danger of becoming entirely like Rick anytime soon.

Rick saving the Mortys shows how much he’s changed (& could change more)

Rick saving the Mortys shows how much he's changed (& could change more)

While previous Rick and Morty episodes hinted at Morty’s idealism rubbing off on Rick, the climax of “Rickmurai Jack” revealed Rick’s positive transformation. Rick left Morty behind to discover what else he could learn in the ending of “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall,”. It was after learning true empathy from his two crow companions and comprehending the toxic nature of his relationship with Morty. Morty said that Rick changed after he handed Morty his portal pistol.

But the true test of Rick’s transformation occurred when, following the destruction of the Citadel, he made an effort to save a group of Morlock Mortys. They were forcefully working in a mining portal fluid in the Citadel catacombs. Ironically, while the other Ricks died attempting to save themselves by demonstrating their cunning, Rick C-137 demonstrated that he was “the Rickest Rick” by using his compassion to save as many people as possible. It is an action unthinkable to the other Ricks, who literally created the many Mortys as cheap, expendable labor.

Rick & Morty might drop Rick’s backstory after its huge reveal

Rick & Morty season 5 finale

Rick C-137’s “stupid crybaby backstory” confirmed to be true in “Rickmurai Jack,” with a memory module allowing Morty to glimpse Rick’s past. Its battles against the Galactic Federation with Bird Person. It merged with the Ricks of many other worlds to construct something called the Central Finite Curve. They were both referenced in the two-minute silent montage. It also seemed to indicate that Rick C-137’s wife Diane’s recollection from the Rick and Morty season 3 opener was real. Also, Rick C-137 began roaming the multiverse in search of Rick who killed her.

Rick responded, “Yes,” when Morty questioned if the bit about his wife dying was accurate “Yes. Now everyone can shut up about it”. This, combined with an earlier reference to “jumping the shark” (a pop-culture term for when a popular series becomes unwatchable as a result of a publicity stunt that only serves to highlight how bad it has become), suggests that Rick C-137’s backstory is true. But Rick and Morty will not be expanding on or referencing it again.

What the Evil Morty Resolution may lead to (& Why it might not be anything)

Another long-running subplot centered on a Morty version known as Eyepatch Morty, Evil Morty, and President Morty looks to be resolving in “Rickmurai Jack”. The one-eyed Morty, identifying himself as Evil Morty, described to Morty the concept of the Central Finite Curve; and how many Ricks collected and “constructed a wall around Infinity, separating all the infinite worlds from all the infinite universes where (Rick) is the smartest man in the universe”. Evil Morty’s plot culminated in him ripping a hole in reality and destroying the Citadel while escaping to a realm outside the Curve, freeing himself from the influence of all Ricks.

Before the closing credits, the final scene of “Rickmurai Jack” featured Evil Morty, who had broken free of the Curve and appeared to have destroyed it, using his own golden portal gun to enter the genuine multiverse. This sequence was a nice nod to 2001: A Space Odyssey. It could be the start of a spin-off series or the origin story of a new villain. It seems far more likely that Evil Morty’s storyline will be meaningless in the end, as the mystery surrounding the character was the only thing driving his story. Evil Morty is a better metaphor for breaking the cycle of abuse for Rick and Morty than a recurring nemesis.

The Mister Poopybutthole trailer hints Rick & Morty Season 6 will be Darker & More Thoughtful

Rick & Morty season 5 finale

Mr. Poopybutthole appeared in a post-credits scene in the Rick and Morty season 5 finale. Mr. Poopybutthole appears to have had hard times since his last appearance. It was in the Rick and Morty season 4 episode “One Crew Over the Crewcoo’s Morty,”. In it, he was sacked from his job as a lecturer at an unnamed college. Mr. Poopybutthole was always joyful in his previous appearances. He was seen to be living in a filthy one-room apartment and his wife, Amy has apparently dumped him. Mr. Poopybutthole ended the scene by remarking that “we don’t have as much time as we think”. He doubted he had an evil doppelganger like Evil Morty. It is because no one could have damaged his life as much as he had.