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Tom Cruise displays his latest Mission Impossible stunt, claims ‘most dangerous’ stunt ever

latest Mission: Impossible stunt

Tom Cruise has stated that his latest Mission: Impossible stunt is his most dangerous to date.

“This is far and away the most dangerous thing I’ve attempted; we’ve been working on this for years,” the actor told in a behind-the-scenes video showed at CinemaCon.

Cruise races down a ramp that propels him off a cliff, but he loses control of his bike and free-falls before his parachute opens. According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Aaron Crouch, “Cruise trained for a year doing 500 skydives and 13,000 motorbike jumps. They captured this on day one of principal photography. Genuinely scary watching him do this.”

latest Mission: Impossible stunt

“I wanted to do it since I was a little kid,” Cruise said, adding: “I had to get so good at this so there’s no way I miss my mark.”

“My heart is racing at the thought of the stunt Tom Cruise is doing in #MissionImpossible7,” wrote TheWrap’s Beatrice Verhoeven. “13,000 motor cross jumps, one year of base jump training, lots of skydiving. He’s driving off a ramp on a motorcycle, off a cliff, which will then turn into a base jump. #CinemaCon”

Cruise has a history of pulling off great stunts on his own, but none have ever been on the scale of this latest Mission: Impossible stunt.

At CinemaCon, new footage from the film was shown. It includes a glimpse at Henry Czerny as a gasmask-wearing Kittridge in his first appearance since 1996’s Mission: Impossible. Cary Elwes was also there at an office. Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell were on a train together. The garments of Atwell’s character catch fire, which Cruise’s Ethan tries to extinguish. We can see a desert shootout as well as a glimpse of Esai Morales, who appears to be the film’s villain.

As for Mission: Impossible 8, expect that to be even bigger. “The only thing that scares me more is what we’ve got planned for Mission 8,” director Christopher McQuarrie said. Mission: Impossible 7 will release this May 27, 2022.