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8 brilliant ways to use the old tea bags

Uses of tea bags

Tea is an energizing drink. It can calm our minds and bodies. Tea bags are little packets of tea that you usually use to brew tea. But ever thought of using it after making the tea? The answer is No. We usually toss the bags out in the garbage bin. But then, it is an art to make the best out of waste. Today we are going to tell you 8 uses of tea bags. So, next time before you dump a teabag, remember us and make the best out of the waste.

1. Make grains more flavorful

Are you also bored of eating the same flavorless food? Tea can help the flavor element of your grains with no additional salt or preparation. Just place a leftover tea bag or two in the bubbling pot of water and let it do its thing. At that point cook rice (or quinoa or also barley!) as usual. You’ll be left with an unobtrusive tea flavor that will trick your family for connoisseur.

2. Face Scrubs

Uses of tea bags

Need to refresh your skin? Open up a tea pack and exfoliate away. Tea can likewise be utilized on the skin. Tea is said to help shrivel enormous pores and give a solid glow. Essentially empty the substance into a bowl and add 1 heaping teaspoon of honey. Then tenderly rub the combination onto your face in round movements. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes and afterward wash off with warm water.

3. Say Goodbye to garbage odor

Trash bins give the house an unsavory, waiting smell. Don’t worry, Tea bags will save you. Kill smell by dropping a couple of extra dried tea packs at the lower part of your trash bins.

4. Freshens the air

Uses of tea bags

You can make your own great smelling sachet in minutes. After you’ve blended up some tea, dry the tea bag by keeping it aside. Then, add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil to the sachet. Balance it in the pantry or also spot it in your closet spaces. Say Hello to pleasant aroma.

5. Uses of tea bags to relieve swollen gums

Dental specialists have suggested black tea bags for a brief cure after tooth extraction since they help stop bleeding, recoil swollen blood vessels, and kill bacteria. To treat gums, essentially press a cooled wet tea sack against the gum and encompass the tooth. Keep it there for 5 minutes.

6. Diminish puffiness of the eyes

Uses of tea bags

Allergies, a lot sodium, and absence of rest can leave you with puffy, swollen eyes. To battle this, splash two tea bags in warm water and afterward pop them in the fridge for a couple of moments to cool. Place one pack on each eye for as long as 5 minutes, and you’ll see the puffiness gradually vanish.

7. Shield your plants from fungus

Keeping a nursery of fresh herbs isn’t the most effortless work, as they can be powerless to infection. Fickle fungi can rapidly obliterate your plants whenever left untreated. For a natural cure, steep chamomile tea into a container of water, place in a spray jug and spritz regularly onto seedlings and soil.

8. Use of tea bags to avoid pesky rodents

Uses of tea bags

Mice don’t like the aroma of peppermint or tea, so peppermint tea makes a characteristic anti-agent. Gather a couple of peppermint tea bags and steep in steaming hot water. At that point add a drop or two of dish washing fluid. Then, fill a spray container and use around the little hiding spots of the house to avert unwanted guests.