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The importance of stretching before and after a workout

The importance of stretching before a workout

Fitness experts say that stretching is something we all should do, irrespective of the fact if we are doing weight training, cardio, or just regular basic warm-up exercises. It technically is the most crucial part of working out but most people tend to skip it. Depending upon the type of stretch exercises you do, it can make or break the fitness goal you wish to achieve. Studies have proven that 15 minutes of pre-workout stretching can help avoid injuries. Therefore, it is recommended to do some dynamic stretching before starting your daily workout routine.

Dynamic stretching exercises – Pre-workout

Stretching exercises

Dynamic stretching exercises refer to exercises that make your joints and muscles go through an active full range of motions. These movements can be specific to various sports or workout activities.

What are the benefits of dynamic stretching?

What are the benefits of dynamic stretching?
  • Warms up the muscles – It can increase the muscle temperatures helping them to move with full potential.
  • Full range of movements – Some exercises only involve movements of hands or legs but it can help in full-body movement.
  • Reduces the risk of injuries – Once the body gets warmed up and makes the muscles move to their full potential, it reduces the risk of sudden injury.

What are static stretching exercises?- Post-workout

What are static stretching exercises?

Static, as the name suggests, means still. Also, static exercises are the ones you do while sitting or standing in one particular position. Static are the ones in which you stand, sit or lie still and hold a single position for some time.

What are the benefits of static exercises?

  • Increased flexibility – Post-workout stretching can increase your flexibility, warm your muscles once again helping with the complete movement of muscles easily after weightlifting or heavy workout.
  • Reduces stiffness – Stiff muscles can cause pain and discomfort. Studies have shown that stretching after working out can help in such situations.
  • Decreased stress – Tension can make your muscles tense, stretching can help the tensions in muscles decrease and can also help with anxiety.

If you are someone who skips on the stretch part both pre and post-workout, hopefully now that you know some of the benefits. You will start including them in your workout routine.