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The top deadly food combinations that one should never try

deadly food combinations

Ayurveda is the oldest and the most reliable for treating infections. This exceptional framework not just accentuates clinical issues but additionally enlightens us regarding the actions to keep away from them. Hence it is quite possibly the most dependable medical procedure throughout the long term. There is a great deal of uncertainty about some food blends in ancient Ayurvedic writings. It is believed that they may prompt a few infections by expanding toxins in our bodies. Modern science likewise accepts that when compounds break while entering the body, they act oddly when presented to specific food varieties. So, here are some deadly food combinations that one should never try.

Top 6 deadly food combinations

1. Tea and Yoghurt

Tea and yoghurt are both acidic in nature. Thus it is a basic belief that the two may combine to disturb the balance within our bodies. Later, causing problems with digestion.

2. Water and Watermelon

deadly food combinations

Watermelons must always be alone. Watermelons are 90-95% water. Drinking water after eating them may dilute the digestive juices in the body. It weakens the digestion.

3. Banana and Milk

Usually people have bananas and milk. Ayurveda considers the combination to be heavy. Hence, it is said to avoid this combination.

4. Lemon and milk

deadly food combinations

Milk and lemon never go together. Even if one drop of lemon falls into milk, the milk bursts. It is a general belief that the digestive juices in the stomach are more acidic than lemon. But Ayurveda and traditional science consider it toxic nonetheless.

5. Fruits and Yoghurt

Ayurveda says that when sour items join yoghurt in a dish, they create acids that slow down the body’s metabolism.

6. Dairy with antibiotics

deadly food combinations

Some medicines prevent the absorption of nutrients like iron and calcium from milk. Hence, some time should be taken to in having eating after them.