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6 tips to groom your dog at home 

6 tips to groom your dog at home 

Being a dog owner can be fun. These goofballs are human’s best friends but just like us, they need grooming from time to time. Here are 6 tips to groom your dog at home.

6 tips to groom your dog at home

1. Regularly brush your dog’s coat

Regularly brush your dog's coat

Irrespective of the size of your dog, brushing their coat is important. Not brushing the coat regularly can cause skin infections and irritations. If you have long-haired dogs like Golden Retrievers, try brushing at least twice a week if not every day. Short-haired dogs like Labrador can work with brushing once a week. 

2. Trim your dog’s hair

Trim your dog's hair

Trimming the hair around your dog’s eyes can prevent overgrown hair from blocking its vision and rubbing against and damaging its eyes. Always wait until your dog is calm and preferably lying down. Move slowly and calmly, and use extra caution when scissor blades are near the skin. 

3. Safely trim the nails

Safely trim the nails

Extremely long nails can cause discomfort to dogs. However, before you trim your dog’s nails for the first time, you need to be attentive. 

4. Check your dog’s skin

Check your dog's skin

Allergic skin diseases are common in dogs and therefore it is necessary to keep a regular check on their skin. Check if they are scratching too much, this could be a sign for external parasites like fleas, ticks, lice, and mites.

5. Check the ears regularly

Check the ears regularly

Take a closer look at their ears while grooming. Ear infections can be painful. Look out if the inside of the ears is inflamed. If your dog shakes its head or scratches its ears. Whines or yelps when you examine the dog’s ears. Visit a vet in such a case. 

6. Do not bathe them regularly

Do not bathe them regularly

Most dogs need to be bathed every couple of months to prevent hygiene issues. Bathing them regularly can strip the natural oils from their coat and dry out their skin.