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When and how much to tip? A complete guide for all situations

When and how much to tip: A complete guide for all situations

How to tip? You’ve probably had this question while tipping hairdressers, delivery agents, restaurant staff, and many more. Also, how do you know when not to or, how much? After all, tipping is very important but also very confusing. Here is a complete guide on how to tip in the US for all situations.

How to tip at restaurants and hotels?

How to tip at restaurants and hotels?

This is the zenith of tipping troubles. When you decide how much to tip at a food and beverage establishment, tipping between 15 to 20 percent is always a safe zone. However, if you’re getting take out, you need not tip at all. After all, you’re picking up your own food. On the other hand, if you see a tip jar at the counter, it’s all up to you. You can choose to tip or leave it out.

On the other hand, tipping at hotels is different. You can leave anywhere between 10 to 20 percent for room service. For the doorman, concierge, a tip of $5 or $10 is suitable. You can tip your hotel porter between $2 to $5 per bag. Finally, for housekeeping staff, a tip of $3 to $5 is suggested. However, if over 6 people share a room, a $10 per day tip is the standard. Whenever you check a coat or bag in, keep in mind to tip $1 per coat and $1 to $2 per bag depending on its size.

What about bars?

How to tip at bars?

When you’re hanging out at the bar, go for a flat amount instead of percentages if you’re ordering drinks. About $1 for a beer and $2 for a cocktail are advised. However, if you order a bar snack, hang out there for a long time, or get great service, give 20 percent of your bill.

How to tip while travelling?

How to tip while travelling

When you’re traveling, knowing how much to and when to can be perplexing. So, don’t forget to research the tipping etiquette of the country you are traveling to. For example, tipping in a restaurant in Japan can be offensive. Or, not tipping in Canada is sure to gain you a mean look.

But, tipping during your journey is a different concept. Make sure to leave $3-$5 for check-ins and shuttle drivers at the Airport. You should tip 15-20 percent of the fare to your taxi or limousine drivers. A standard 10 to 20 percent of the fare is always applicable for Uber or Lyft rides.

What about delivery drivers?

What about delivery drivers?

Tipping delivery providers is definitely a gray area. Most delivery apps allow you to tip the driver through the app. Tipping equaling 15 to 20 percent of your bill, is a great idea. Remember that the delivery fee and tips are not the same things. Additionally, you can choose to pay the delivery person with cash. After all, they do prefer the untaxable income.

“A fair amount is $3 to $5 per delivery,” suggests Julia Esteve Boyd, an etiquette consultant in Lausanne, Switzerland. So, keep some change ready by your door while you wait for your delivery. Additionally, if the weather conditions are bad or if your order is rather large, increase your tip

Tipping at the salon

Tipping at the salon

Remember that 15 percent tips are the standard at most salons. Additionally, it is important to tip in cash. But, if you’re low on cash always ask if you can do it through e-transfer. Moreover, do not forget about tipping multiple people who provided service. For example, if you get a hair treatment at a salon, tipping the blowout stylist and, shampoo person in addition to your hairstylist is customary.