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The 3 best custom dissertation writing services in the United States

Best custom dissertation writing services in the United States

Being a good student means submitting quality assignments on time, and not all students can do that. Either they are simply don’t know how, or they are too tied up with other things to clearly focus on the assignment. Whatever the reason might be, it is obvious that they can’t leave it on hold forever. And one way to get done with it is to hire someone else to do it for you, whether it’s a book report or a dissertation.

But how can you hire someone without complete knowledge? For this problem, websites with qualified writers exist at your service. However, for the past few years, there have been too many websites for the same purpose, which confuses the students – which one to choose, which one is the best, and which one is worth paying for?

These are the questions that students end up asking themselves when they stumble on uncountable websites on the internet. 

To make this confusion go away, we are here with the top 3 best-trusted custom dissertation paper writing websites in the US that will provide you with amazing service. – Top recommended

Considering its services, has to be one of the top-quality dissertation and thesis paper writing services for all kinds of students. Not only their website has a great, user-friendly design that is totally understandable for students, but they also have qualified writers that are practically knowledgeable in the fields. provides 24/7 support to all their customers, which comes in handy for students that need constant updates on their pending assignments. Their writers are experienced in professional academic writing. Once you order your paper, they would research thoroughly about it and write it from scratch, meaning that your research paper would be 100% free of plagiarism (it is checked on Turnitin). offers up to three categories of writers who are able to cope with complex research topics and urgent deadlines – the price would obviously vary.

The students of Ph.D. have positive reviews about the site, calling it “tremendous,” “great,” and “helpful.”

The prices are extremely affordable for students, costing 10$ for high school papers, 12$ for college papers, and so on. – Highest quality!

99papers have been in the talks for a while now. Students mainly love this writing website because of its more than satisfactory dissertation writing service and cheap price. The starting price on a paper is as low as 8.94$, increasing slowly as the level of writing goes up.

On your first order, you will get 5% off on all kinds of assignments. Not only that, but the user-friendly design of the site is very helpful and convincing; you get to contact your thesis writer directly, which gives you the option of giving detailed instructions and telling writers things that you forgot to mention in the initial order. claim to submit 100% of their papers on time. Moreover, 99paper’s helpful and interactive website design, lower prices and discounts, 24/7 customer support, and quick deadlines, are just some of the reasons why students love this website.

99papers include both native and secondary English-speaking writers – you can select any one of them for your assignment. It doesn’t make much of a difference, all writers are qualified nonetheless, but native speakers usually cost more than secondary English speakers. – Cheapest price! is one of the dissertation writing services that have made its way up to the top by offering legit services. It has a huge rating on all review-based sites, which indicates that customers always walk off satisfied with their reports and papers.

Most customers mention “amazing,” great experience so far,” and “quick timing” on reviews of This great online reputation’s reason is the website’s policy to refund amount in case of errors in research paper delivery, such as late delivery, unassigned writer, plagiarism, inaccurate facts, and more, which you can discuss with the manager before the website refunds.

EssayPro has been significantly helpful for students because it is one of the more reputable and reliable options for them, unlike other suspicious websites. All they have to do is sign up, select qualified writers based on their portfolio, and accept their bid for your writing project. Once you put some deposit in the payment section, the writer will get the notification to start working on your paper. After that, you will be constantly updated about your assignment. 

If you are a new customer, congratulations, you will get a discount.

Overall, EssayPro’s quality is satisfactory and convincing, and its writers are perfectly professional with unmatched timing and comprehensive experience.

What should you know about hiring a dissertation writing service?

What should you know about hiring a dissertation writing service?

Yes, the service itself is legit and legal. However, you have to be careful about the website you choose. If you opt for an illegitimate website in order to save money, you will be presented with a ridiculous paper, which US colleges would not accept. Thus, you will waste whatever money you paid and also lose your marks.

There have been so many sites to sell custom dissertation or essay paper writing in the United States, so it is easy to get confused among them and choose the wrong one. However, when your academic future is at stake, you have to be careful and not risk non-reputable sites. Always learn about the site’s reviews, pros, cons, student opinions, legitimacy, and pricing first. Then, make your decision.

Pros and cons 

nitially, all you want is to somehow get done with your assignment before the deadline, which seems like the biggest advantage of this service. But when you think about it, there’s more to it.

The pros of hiring such a service are self-explanatory: it frees up your time, it is most likely to be error-free, you don’t need to invest your efforts into it, and you can set your own deadline. 

However, there are cons too. First, you will have to pay additional money (because you already paying for tuition). Second, you can get caught if you don’t choose 100% guaranteed service.

Overall, it’s a service that is of much help in the time of need.