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Breezy Explainer: What is Badri 313 unit? Taliban’s special force

What is Badri 313 unit? Taliban's special force

Taliban’s hold on power over Afghanistan is an abstained conclusion. However, things are very different from their rule back in the 90s. Because this time, the Taliban have their hands all over the military equipment and weapons left behind by the US before their quick departure. Read to know all about Badri 313, the Taliban’s ‘special force’ unit.

What is the Badri 313 unit?

This ‘special’ Taliban force’s name pays homage to the battle of Badr. The fight took place over 1,400 years ago when prophet Mohammed ‘vanquished’ all his enemies with a force of 313 soldiers. However, this Taliban force could be made up of several thousands of men according to experts.

Unlike their rule back in the 90s this time, they have access to all the military weapons and equipment left behind by the United States military forces. However, their numbers are not clear. But, there are some images captures by Humvees, an aircraft, and weapons abandoned by the now defeated Afghan National Army.

What are these ‘pictures’ and proof?

Badri 313

Several images and videos showing the so-called Talibani ‘Badri 313’ are available online, pushing the Taliban propaganda. Posts on social media show how the Taliban forces have better used the opportunities than in the past. Experts agree that the Taliban has probably better equipped and trained than they were previously.

The images show Taliban fighters in boots, uniforms, body armor, and balaclavas similar to those worn by special forces across the world. The image is a stark difference from the traditional turban, kurta kameez, and sandals attire of a typical Taliban fighter.

The expert’s opinion

What is Badri 313 unit?

Experts from Western Weapons believe that the Badri forces are not very strong. They don’t hold a candle to the Special forces from the West or those from Pakistan or India. However “they are more effective than normal Taliban. And certainly more than standard Afghan national army troops from a couple of weeks ago,” they added.

They “likely represents some of the best trained and equipped fighters within the Taliban more broadly, although as you would expect there is a degree of sensationalizing in propaganda coverage of the unit by the group,” said matt Henman. Henman works at the janes Defence consultancy.

“There is certainly a degree of propaganda, but we saw during the final offensive since May that the Taliban special forces have been critical in the taking over of Afghanistan. When they began to overrun the Afghan forces, they progressively integrated Western supplies. The US in effect armed the Taliban army,” said Bill Roggio, the managing editor of Long War Journal.