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Energy Stocks to Invest in Following Tullow’s Orinduik (Guyana) Statement & Global Trends

Energy Stocks to Invest in Following Tullow’s Orinduik (Guyana) Statement & Global Trends

Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas Ltd. (TSX: EOG.V), for example, retains a 15% stake, and TOQAP (a joint venture of Total E&P Guyana B.V. (60%) and Qatar Petroleum (40%)) maintains a 25% stake in Orinduik. This is in addition to Tullow Oil’s 60% holding of the Guyana facility.

Located in the Suriname-Guyana basin, the Orinduik Block has become a focal point of oil exploration since 2019. The block, which contains substantial discoveries by international oil and gas corporation ExxonMobil and is operated by Tullow until 2023, encompasses over 1800 kilometers and is ideally placed in shallow water. 

Earlier this month, Tullow Oil released a crucial half-year report, highlighting not only the company’s profits but fundamental points for prospective investors – including its growing interest in Guyana’s Orinduik Block. 

Founded in 2011, Canadian Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas has transformed into a principal interest of energy investors over the past few years. Eco Atlantic presents itself as an oil and gas exploration company and focuses on identifying developing petroleum opportunities with low-cost entry points in order to maximize shareholder value. The company is headed by prominent oil and gas executive Gil Holtzman, who maintains nearly two decades of energy management experience throughout South America and Africa. Eco Atlantic is presently listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (CVE: EOG) and has risen 15% in value this month with over 33% in overall market gains this year.

Tullow Oil plc, founded in Tullow, Ireland, and based in London, United Kingdom, is a multinational oil and gas exploration company. While the conglomerate was established in 1985, it operates around the world and it is listed on several international stock exchanges – including on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: TLW), the Irish Stock Exchange (Euronext: TQW), Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE: TLW), and the American OTC Ventures Market (OTC: TUWOY). 

As Tullow’s report reveals, the British multinational public limited company seeks to capitalize on its significant positions in the emerging South American basin. Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas, a project partner of Tullow in the Orinduik Block, has become one of the most enticing assets for short-term and long-term investment. While Eco Atlantic owns only 15%, the developing company is additionally operating in exploration deals across Africa and demonstrates the incredible potential to multiple their stock value in the coming years. 

In the past few decades, as American energy firms have become dominant players at home, they have also become considerable foreign investors – especially in the Middle East, Africa, and South America. In contrast to popular demand (or popular business tendencies), based in Houston, Texas, Contango Oil & Gas Company is a promising petroleum exploration platform catching the eye of distinguished investment firms due to its prospects and low-cost strategy. The company is listed on the world’s largest stock market, New York Stock Exchange, as “MCF.”

While domestic oil assets in the United States are steadily rising in value, they encounter enormous political opposition with environmentally-focused organizations as well as a changing 

economic atmosphere. In the past, Contango has assured oil experts of its ability to prioritize the safety of its employees as well as environmental concerns. As an American company specializing in domestic oil exploration and production, Contango Oil & Gas Company maintains projects in South Texas, East Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, and the greater Gulf of Mexico region. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, as does the world and therefore the exploration, development, and production of vital fuels must endure. For investors interested in entering or expanding their energy assets, Tullow Oil, Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas, and Contango Oil & Gas are emerging as leading stocks for short- and long-term market gains. While Tullow Oil and Eco Atlantic have found early successes in Africa and South America, Contango has attracted investors through domestic channels. With any of these petroleum-driven assets in your pocket, tremendous growth is in your future. 

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