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Dog theft has increased during the pandemic: Tips to keep your dog safe

tips to keep your dog safe

Dogs are the best part of us. They are the light of our lives. As more Americans seek companionship during the pandemic, demand for pet canines has increased tremendously. It has also been difficult to take care of your pet during the pandemic. Be that as it may, I would prefer to be stuck inside with my dog than an individual. You will in general see plenty of scary posts from individuals who have had their dog stolen. It’s assessed that dog theft has ascended by 250% since the pandemic. From Snapchat stories to IDs, here are tips to keep your dog safe.

Identification & microchipping

It’s lawful and important to have your dog microchipped. It implies if your dog were to disappear, the microchip contains your details so it tends to follow back to you. Just as with the microchip, it’s a smart thought to have your details on the dog’s collar, so you can be effortlessly reached. But then as indicated by the charity Blue Cross for Dogs, it very well may be a poorly conceived notion to have the name of your dog on its collar. This can make it simpler for possible thieves to bait the dog away by calling its name.

Social Media

tips to keep your dog safe

Social Media is a powerful entity. It is impossible the resist the urge of posting your dog’s pictures everywhere on social media. But then how can we not post the pictures of the most adorable animals in the world? Yet, when it’s close by data that shows where you reside, work, or spend a ton of time, this can make you a practical target for canine hoodlums. Police have recently cautioned against sharing a lot of data about new pets on the web, as well as tagging specific locations in your posts. Notwithstanding, it is nice to keep some new photos of your dog in your phone as having some exact snaps could help you track it down if it somehow happened to disappear.

Be alert in public

Having a dog grabs the attention of the people on the roads. Frequently on dog strolls, individuals will pause and get some information about the pet. As indicated by Blue Cross for Dogs, you should pay special mind to anybody posing a large number of inquiries. When you need to go into a shop, the charity unequivocally prompts against truly leaving your dog tied up outside – or in the vehicle alone. Both of these spots are promising circumstances for individuals hoping to steal your poodle. At the point when you’re at home, the best guidance is to keep your dog in your sight or when it’s in the garden and keep any gates bolted.

Keep your dog in safe hands

tips to keep your dog safe

Since things are starting to open, you may understand you possess less energy for strolling your dog than you planned. If that is the situation, and you’re hoping to get a dog walker, there are some significant things to note. Dog walking is a truly unregulated space of work. Also, a ton of the time it’s individuals in Facebook groups offering to assist for some pocket money. RSPCA dog welfare expert Dr. Sam Gaines says – “Dog walkers are currently unregulated and unlicensed, meaning there are no checks on who these people are and how they ensure the needs of the dogs in their care are being met.” The cause says you need to ensure your dog walker has all the correct paperwork. They ought to have satisfactory third-party insurance, and a license if it is a requirement in your area.