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What are E-vaccine vouchers and, how can you get them?

E-vaccine vouchers

E-vaccine or electronic vaccine vouchers will soon be available for people in India. The government of India has instructed the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) to launch a platform soon. Read along to find all about the vouchers and how you can get one.

What are e-vaccine vouchers?

COVID-19 Vaccine

An electronic vaccine voucher is a prepaid token for vaccines. This will let you get your shots at a private hospital. Initially, it was designed to allow people to buy vaccines for those others who cannot afford the jab. However, the vouchers will make payments to the private hospital directly and avoid confusion.

How much do these vouchers cost?

The official prices for vaccination vouchers are currently unknown. However, we expect it to be the same as the price of the vaccine. A dose of Covishield will cost Rs 780, covaxin for Rs 1,410 and Sputnik V at Rs 1,145.

How and who can get them?

E-vaccine vouchers

You can buy an e-vaccine voucher online. Anyone who wants to help out others can also avail them. Additionally, employers can buy them in bulk and give them to employees for cashless vaccination transactions.

However, you cannot use e-vaccine vouchers to book your vaccination appointment. But, you can make vaccination appointments online or offline. The official date of when you can purchase the vouchers is unknown. But, the government plans to roll them out very soon.

E-vaccine vouchers to make vaccination easy?

The new system will help people pay for covid vaccines. The effort will also help increasing vaccination and let people get the vaccine at private hospitals through e-vouchers. “To promote the spirit of ‘Lok Kalyan’, the use of non-transferable electronic vouchers which can be redeemed at private vaccination centers will be encouraged. This would enable people to financially support vaccination of economically weaker sections (EWS) at private vaccination centers,” stated the new guidelines issued by the government.