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James Bond’s No Time To Die’ gets a dull response from the US audience, makes $56 million

No time to die gets lukewarm response

There was a lot of hoopla surrounding the 25th James Bond film. But the film No time to die gets a lukewarm response at the box office in the United States. Thereby, debuting at $56 million. According to critics, the film fell short of expectations. Hence, indicating that even one of cinema’s most illustrious brands is still grappling with a post-pandemic moviegoing world that changed significantly.

In the first three days of release, ‘No Time To Die’ was predicted to gross between $60 million and $70 million. The film’s box office profits aren’t considered a failure because they were just marginally lower than predictions.

Furthermore, US critics gave the picture largely excellent reviews. Thus, stating that it was Daniel Craig’s final excursion as the sleek secret agent.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, evaluating ‘No Time to Die’ early box office figures isn’t as straightforward.

An opening weekend of $56 million might be cause for celebration for some films, especially during a public health crisis. ‘No Time to Die,’ however, is not your typical film. 

It has a production budget of $250 million, not to mention a marketing budget of more than $100 million.
When you factor in the tens of millions of dollars it cost to postpone ‘No Time to Die,’ which was going to debut in April 2020 before the pandemic thwarted those plans, box office experts estimate that ‘No Time to Die,’ at the very least, needs to gross $800 million at the global box office to break even during its theatrical window.

Bond has a slew of marketing partners and tie-ins, including Rolex, Aston Martin, and others, that might help offset any potential losses.

James Bond's No Time To Die

Outside of the United States, ‘No Time to Die’ has done exceptionally well, grossing an astonishing $145 million. The 007 adventure, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, has premiered in most major regions, except for China. It will release on October 29. It is a popular territory for all things Bond. The film has grossed $313 million worldwide.

The relatively lukewarm response for ‘No Time to Die’ in the United States can attribute to some issues. It includes elderly audiences’ reluctance to return to the theaters. Also, the film’s lengthy two-hour-and-45-minute runtime, which reduced the number of screenings each day.

It’s also the first Hollywood tentpole with true box office rivalry. Last weekend, Sony released the sequel to the comic book ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’. It has continued to draw crowds, perhaps affecting Bond ticket sales.

With ‘No Time to Die’ topping the US box office charts, the ‘Venom’ sequel slipped to second place with $32 million, more than many pandemic-era films have made throughout their theatrical runs. ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ has grossed a whopping $141 million in North America and $185 million globally.

Bond is a franchise that caters to an older clientele that doesn’t often make an effort to see a film on its opening weekend. Box office pundits have been heartened by ‘No Time to Die’. They believe that the picture’s earnings will improve in the coming weeks.