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What happened in The Suicide Squad post-credits scene?

Suicide Squad post-credits

With the majority of the group being wiped off in a suicide mission, The Suicide Squad lives up to its name. However, in the new Suicide Squad post-credits scene, one DC comics character gets a second chance.

This scabrous, side-splitting, and surprisingly brilliant Suicide Squad sequel/reboot from 2021 is a scabrous, side-splitting, and surprisingly smart supervillain adventure. When the dust settles, take a look at how the film’s climactic action sets up the upcoming Peacemaker TV series, which director James Gunn and star John Cena are bringing to HBO Max in 2022.

Technically, two characters miraculously survive the film’s destruction. Weasel, the CG critter, returns to the blood-soaked beach after the last survivors of Task Force X finish their task and scamper away into the forest. However, that is technically the end of the film, not a post-credits sequence. A mid-credits sequence after the credits roll explains how Cena’s character Peacemaker survived Bloodsport’s “smaller bullet.”

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Suicide Squad post-credits

When we last saw the jingoistic Peacemaker, he’d just slain Rick Flagg with a piece of toilet paper and was in a shootout with Idris Elba’s Bloodsport. Although Bloodsport won, Peacemaker wound up in the hospital rather than the morgue. That sets the stage for the character’s ongoing adventures in a series created and (mostly) directed by Gunn. It will air on HBO Max in January 2022.

Two Task Force X backroom crew members appear outside his hospital room to visit him. John Economos is not happy with what he perceives as retaliation for defying their cold-blooded employer Amanda Waller. While Emilia Harcourt is more enthusiastic. She sees an opportunity to “rescue the fucking world…” and she jumps at it.

That brings us to the Peacemaker television show. Steve Agee and Jennifer Holland will play John and Emilia, respectively, in the series. Cena will be joined by Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Freddie Stroma, and Chukwudi Iwuji. Stroma will play Vigilante, aka Adrian Chase, from the DC Comics universe.

The plot is still a mystery at this point, but the mid-credits scene clarifies everything. The show would have had to be a prequel if Peacemaker had perished. The peacemaker’s tale can instead continue as he grapples with the uncertainties and pain. It may develop as a result of killing Flag.