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The best Travel Vloggers on Youtube to follow in 2021

It’s one thing to live your passion for travel, but it’s quite another to become travel vloggers and film all parts of the experience. It is not easy to capture the travel experiences and make it binge-worthy for the audiences on YouTube! There are many travel bloggers on Youtube, dedicated to putting out travel inspiration regularly, with storytelling editing, everyday vlogging, cinematic flair, beautiful drone images, and also 360 watching. To uncover amazing travel material and experiences, check out this selection of inspiring Youtube channels.

Best Travel Vloggers to follow in 2021

Fun for Louis

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Louis Cole began by captivating (and grossing out) audiences with his daring ability to consume any strange cuisine, dead or alive. Today, this U.K. travel YouTuber posts daily vlogs of his life. He likewise urges viewers to live life on the edge while traveling the globe. A popular YouTube trip vlog hero, he makes binge-watching addicting. He uses 360-degree video.

Mr. Ben Brown

Mr. Ben Brown is most recognized for his YouTube videos. But he travels a lot, and his Visual Vibes series features some truly breathtaking trip cinematography that will take your breath away. His vlogs are partly recorded from his perspective as if you’re inside his brain, and also he’s a master storyteller. Whether skiing, motorbiking, or hiking, you’ll feel as if you’re traveling with him as he meets up with his YouTuber pals all around the world. Ben joined YouTube in 2006. It makes him one of the more experienced travel vloggers (at least in terms of channel age).

Hey Nadine

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Nadine Sykora understands what YouTube fans want as the reigning #1 female travel vlogger. Hey Nadine adds a unique touch of fashion, fun, cuisine, and also entertainment to her vacation lifestyle program. Nadine’s channel is addictive, with everything from travel recommendations to “What I Eat in a Day in…” to humorous collaborations with other travel YouTubers.

Hopscotch the Globe

In Hopscotch the Globe, Kristen Sarah combines her acting skills with her passion for travel. She’s like that goofy travel buddy who’s not afraid to have a good time. Her YouTube channel combines vlogging with cultural parodies and also DIY dishes inspired by travel. Today, she shares the limelight on her channel with her spouse Siya; the two travel companions in crime bounce across the world, producing weekly entertainment. They’ve also newly added a baby drone into their picture!


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The Vagabrothers are the kooky vloggers of the travel industry. They provide a cultural soft side to the delights of travel as charming travel hosts pumping you up for the trip. Fun shooting techniques, partnerships with other YouTubers, trip recommendations focusing on culture, and also deadly drone shots are all featured in their travel films.


Do you get nervous about traveling alone? Christine Kaaloa of GRRRL TRAVELER takes you into the thrilling world of solo travel. She demonstrates how she manages to keep her sanity. It’s not simple to go through culture shock and film it. But Christine manages to transform her brushes with taxi scams, Asian squat toilets, airport layovers, and feeling sick while traveling into travel survival advice to take with her! She works as a solo travel blogger, filming and blogging travel advice, city, and culinary trip recommendations, and also experimenting with different video storytelling methods.


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Would you travel only for the sake of eating? Mark Weins, a popular food blogger and travel YouTuber, does, and he does it well. Migrationology, a travel and cuisine blog, has become a gastronomical celebrity on YouTube, making Mark the number one ‘foodie man’ to watch and read. Mark is the definition of a digital nomad! He shares his love of travel by presenting each nation in the form of delicious morsels. There are DIY city guides and also a plethora of culinary videos!