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Violence erupts over Dutch COVID-19 rules for the third day in a row 

Violence erupts over Dutch COVID-19 rules for the third day in a row 

Violence erupted in towns across the Netherlands on Sunday in response to Dutch COVID-19 rules. This is the third night in a row. The police clashes with groups of enraged young people who burned fires and threw rocks in protest of COVID-19 regulations. Unrest was in records in Leeuwarden and Groningen in the north, Enschede in the east, and Tilburg in the south.

A video circulating on social media shows, police in Enschede. An emergency ordinance was issued. Batons were in use to disperse the crowd. In Leeuwarden, people were hitting police vans with rocks, while some people dressed in black yelled and set off flares. Whereas at least 64 people were in detention in three provinces. It includes dozens who threw fireworks and fences during a soccer match at Feyenoord Rotterdam’s stadium. In response to the worst disturbances since a full lockdown led to widespread disorder and more than 500 arrests in January.

City’s mayor describes the event as “an orgy of violence”

City's mayor describes the event as "an orgy of violence"

Last weekend, the Netherlands reimposed some lockdown measures on its 17.5-million-strong population. The current uprising began on Friday night in Rotterdam. The police did open firing on a crowd of hundreds during a protest. The city’s mayor describes the event as “an orgy of violence.” Four people have been hit by police gunshots. They remain in hospital on Sunday, informs an official statement. Protests erupted in response to the Dutch COVID-19 rules. Government’s intention to limit access. The implementation of rules was to stop a national corona pass to individuals who have recovered from COVID-19. As well as to those who have been vaccinated, excluding those with a negative test result.8

Tens of thousands of people protested against Belgium’s stricter COVID-19 guidelines. An initial implementation of three weeks lockdown was in an attempt to prevent the virus’s comeback. But daily infections remains at high levels since the outbreak began. Some teenagers were also outraged by a New Year’s Eve fireworks ban. To relieve the load on hospitals that are under pressure to reduce services owing to a surge of Covid patients. Among the most serious clashes on Saturday night were those in The Hague, where five cops were injured, one seriously, according to a police statement.