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Marilyn Manson sells his Hollywood Hills house with ‘rape room’ for $1.83m

Marilyn Manson sells his Hollywood Hills house with 'rape room' for $1.83m

Marilyn Manson, an American singer-songwriter, reportedly sold his Hollywood Hills property for $1.83 million, just weeks after offering it for $1.75 million. It’s the same well-known resort that made headlines after musician Phoebe Bridgers alleged it had a rape room. She supposedly found out about it after visiting the location with her friends when she was a teenager, as she was a big fan of the musician at the time.

Reports by TMZ describe that Marilyn Monroe’s estate included 20-foot beamed ceilings. Two master suites, each with its own tiled bathtub and walk-in closet. It is 2,711 square feet in size and is surrounded by private patios and gardens. For the uninitiated, Marilyn Manson has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by at least 15 women since February 2021. ‘Game of Thrones’ actress Esme Bianco and Evan Rachel Wood were among the 15 women who accused Manson. According to the Daily Mail, the rock artist put the house for sale on the same day he asked a judge to dismiss Blanco’s sexual assault complaint.

Mason’s net worth is now approximately $5 million

Several feathers adorn the headgear of the American vocalist. Mason is a record producer, singer, songwriter, actor, and painter. Mason is a man of many skills. He earns a lot of money from record labels, streaming platforms, concerts, and hefty sponsorship deals. Mason’s net worth is now approximately $5 million. In addition to his outstanding revenues from music, Manson ventured into film and television and was fairly successful there as well. Manson has previously worked as a director. According to Meaww, the Grammy-nominated singer also dabbled with art.

Manson, interestingly, began his career as a watercolor painter in 1999. Later, he held more painting exhibitions in several cities. He was born Brian Hugh Warner in Canton, Ohio, to parents Barbara Warner Wyer and Hugh Angus Warner. He formed his band with his friend Scott Putesky.