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Marvel’s endless crossovers mocked in DC’s version of Iron Man, Machinehead

Marvel's endless crossovers mocked in DC's version of Iron Man, Machinehead

Iron Man in DC’s version exploited Marvel’s seemingly endless crossovers; to justify his unexpected treachery while also ridiculing the grandiose series of events. Machinehead is a figure from Earth-8, which is essentially DC’s version of Marvel, complete with heroes, villains, and tragic outcomes. The Justice Incarnate uses this disfigured but intelligent version of Tony Stark to monitor and deal with threats across the multiverse. He betrays his squad in Infinite Frontier #4; stating that he did so to prevent any more apocalyptic crossovers like the ones that destroyed his world.

Grant Morrison and Ivan Reis created the Machineheadin Multiversity #1. It comes from a reality where the Retaliators; of whom Machinehead was a member along with other pastiches of Marvel’s Avengers, safeguarded the globe. Then, he worked alongside Calvin Ellis, the President Superman from Earth-23, to help him tackle complex problems, as seen in Infinite Frontier: Secret Files #1; even though it looked that his world had already been destroyed. Machinehead is a member of the Justice Incarnate. It is a group of heroes who explore the mystery surrounding the reappearance of Thomas Wayne, the Flashpoint Batman, following the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, which restored the multiverse.

“No more world crossovers”

Also, he is researching the remains of a ship containing Thomas Wayne that strewn around numerous worlds in Infinite Frontier #4 by Joshua Williamson, Paul Pelletier, Jesus Merino, and Xermanico. He has the work of recovering their missing member Barry Allen; despite the working notion that someone was secretly transferring people around the multiverse. He strikes his friends, knocking them to the ground. Also, preparing the Hall of Heroes for some new guests when the clues put Justice Incarnate on the route to Earth Omega. When asked why, he explains that he doesn’t want to destroy the multiverse; instead, he wants to maintain the DC universes apart from one another, with “no more world crossovers.”

Machine Head has Tony Stark’s appearance, talents, and intelligence. But he’s a reincarnation of Iron Man who had enough. While crossovers have become a less common but still frequent occurrence in comics, Machine Head’s universe revolves around one of Marvel’s Incursions, an event in which two universes intend to meet. While heroes from both worlds try in vain to stop it or destroy the other planet so that their own might saves; Machine Head effectively tells his teammates that his world has lost. This loss is a not-so-subtle reference to the second Secret Wars. A 2015 event in which the Marvel universe was destroyed and subsequently restored.

Machinehead: Incarnation of Iron Man

He holds Earth-0 responsible for this. He likewise feels that the only way to prevent it from happening again is to keep the universes isolated and ignorant of one another, as well as the multiverse as a whole.

This incarnation of Iron Man appears to have switched sides, betraying the Justice Incarnate in favor of the Injustice Incarnate. Tony Stark may have done some dubious things in the past. But Machine Head has spent so much time in the suit that he’s lost his humanity. He considers the morality of his decisions, as do all villains, and believes they are necessary to achieve his objectives. Secret Wars would have ramifications for the Marvel Universe. But this Iron Man is so faithful to rescuing the multiverse that he will collaborate with the villains to achieve so.