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Havana Syndrome: FBI makes it a top priority, will continue to ‘identify the cause’

Havana Syndrome: FBI makes it a top priority, will continue to 'identify the cause'

In the United States, Havana Syndrome has become a new reason of concern.

The syndrome is “anomalous health incidents” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It has declared it a top priority and stated that it will continue to investigate the cause.

The FBI said in a statement that “The issue of anomalous health incidents is a top priority for the FBI, as the protection, health, and well-being of our employees and colleagues across the federal government is paramount.” 

It went on to say that it would continue to collaborate with intelligence agencies. It is to “identify the cause of these incidents and determine how we can best protect our personnel.”

For the first time, the FBI admitted that some of its agents may have had signs of this strange condition.

Not just the FBI, but even US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has promised to investigate the situation. There are concerns that Russian microwave strikes are to blame for the strange disease afflicting US diplomats around the world.

Havana Syndrome

“All of us in the US government, and especially we at the State Department, are intently focused on getting to the bottom of what and who is causing these incidents, caring for those who’ve been affected, and protecting our people,” Blinken said.

Lawyer Mark Zaid represents Havana Syndrome victims. He said that the FBI has “been less than helpful, particularly by claiming victims are suffering psychosomatic symptoms even though they never interviewed the individuals…I suspect that is about to change.”

In 2016, a US intelligence agent at the US embassy in Havana complained of dizziness, earache, and tinnitus. It was the first incidence of the unexplained condition. According to a Politico article, the agent suffered inner-ear damage as a result of the projected energy device.

Since then, the number of US diplomats and intelligence officers who have reported comparable incidents in nations such as China, Austria, Colombia, and Russia has increased to the low hundreds.