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Small but important ways to take care of your mental health

take care of mental health

We have often seen the world talking and advocating about Mental Health. While some of them actually take care of their mental well-being, some of them just don’t know where to start. The most important thing is that we feel what makes our mind happy, makes our mental health healthy. While this notion is correct, but there are some things that we love and they feed off our minds. Here are some small but important ways to take care of your mental health.

Ways to take care of your mental health

Give yourself a chance to take a mental health day; a break

Sometimes, when things clot up in your mind, all you desire is a break from everyone. But then you don’t take it due to various commitments. Allow yourself to take that break. Sit quietly in the cozy corner of your house without thinking about the workload. We, humans, are adorable. We charge our gadgets when their batteries are low but what about ourselves? So, take a day or two off and do nothing. Doing nothing may just take care of your mental health.

Stop binge-watching shows and do something else to take care of mental health

Watching too much of the idiot box is entertaining but at what cost? It makes you feel tired and harms your eyes. While zoning out with a fantastic series may be a therapeutic coping strategy for many individuals, it’s also beneficial to discover other ways to unwind at the end of the day. And maybe you’ll find one that won’t keep you up till 2 a.m. now and again. Do something that nourishes your mind, do not be a couch potato.

Live your life as if you were on a vacation

take care of mental health

Yes, well, it may sound a tad difficult but hey, what’s wrong with trying? When I say vacation, it does not mean that you completely cut off your work and studies, it means incorporating the little things that you would do on a vacation. Maybe replace your gym with a great morning walk, make “DO NOT DISTURB” a ritual for a few hours of the day, walk barefoot, hug trees, have fun with your life because YOLO, you only live once.

Meditate your worries away

take care of mental health

Meditation is the biggest gift in the world. It is a powerful sense of calmness. It is nothing but you putting yourself into a calm zone in between all the hurdles. Start slow. For two minutes, concentrate on softly breathing in and out. Then, the next time you do it, work your way up to five minutes.

“You are what you eat” or drink

Cutting back on added sugar (think sodas, sweets, and pastries) won’t make you happy, but it will help maintain your blood sugar levels steady, which will help you feel more energetic throughout the day. While there are no stress-relieving meals, magnesium has been found to aid in the relief of headaches and tiredness. So it’s not a bad idea to include dark leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, avocados, and figs in your diet.

There’s nothing wrong with drinking in moderation for many individuals. However, if you find yourself drinking regularly to alleviate feelings of melancholy or anxiety, or if you frequently suffer morning-after terror, it’s worth considering the role of alcohol in your emotions. Also, once in a while, have that gorgeous cake that you’ve been wanting to eat for a long time.

Get help nonetheless to take care of mental health

If you think what you’re suffering is not more or not less or any amount of it, get help. Do not measure what and how you’re feeling. There is no certain bar for going to a therapist. Early is always good and too late is always bad. Talk, release those emotions out. Just let it go. Get a therapist who is experienced enough to deal with sensitivity when it comes to race, color, gender. Do not let anything come in the way of you seeking help.

Get some sleep instead of celebrating being busy to take care of mental health

take care of mental health

You schedule a happy hour, Pilates, and sex into your schedule. It’s time to prioritize sleep. You’ll feel like a sleepy mess at work and in life if you don’t get it, and your mental health will almost definitely suffer as a result. Sleep isn’t a magic reset button for your moods, but when you don’t get enough, it may make a big impact.

Make a jar filled with positive affirmations and coping mechanisms and read it whenever you are feeling low

take care of mental health

Remind yourself that what a kind and incredibly cute human being you are. Make chits and write whatever makes you feel happy. These can be simple reminders (“You are loved”), coping strategies (“Take a walk and have some water”), or Beyoncé lyrics.